Vox dismantles the argument that RT News is any more state sponsored than CNN is, (or the rest of the establishment shills called the US mainstream media.)


MTV appeared at Castle Vox at the New York Film Center to film their series "My Life as Liz" 



Voxfilm is in preproduction of "Molecutter." A documentary (mocumentary) about a man who is down on his luck and doing what he can to survive by soliciting and performing quick "on the spot" mole removal surgery on passengers riding the New York City subway system. It is a hilarious glimpse at an empire in decline! But what the viewing audience and the subway riders don't know is that it's all a joke. The film from start to finish to made to look real.


Vox interviewed at the Big Apple Film Festival - New York City.


Voxfilm Production of "Life in America" - Official selection of the Cannes Underground Film Festival, Big Apple Film Festival and the Taos Shortz Film Festival.


Vox in Russian Car Magazine Interview

Russian Fashion Week Show